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Jiggled the homepage around, updated the DA link, scootched the PS links to the bottom. Need to throw in a link to the Twitter at some point, but it hurts to grip things right now. Like tablet pens. Spent most of yesterday moving things around. Heavy things. My room is reconfigured and... well, roomier, which is a good thing, but the tradeoff is today I can't do much in the way of drawing (which sucks hardcore, cos I have IDEAS).

The thing about living at home sometimes is that you have pretty much no say in how you want to spend your free time. Especially when there are Projects. I've rearranged this room like twice, scrubbed out and painted my bathroom (which still needs another good scrubbing, doors and trim painted, and almost all the fixtures replaced) and had to sit in various parts of the house penned in with two barking dogs to ensure they don't hurt themselves or destroy whatever room they're penned in while they go CRAZY for 6-8 hours a day while dudes came and replaced huge chunks of floor. Throw in a week or so of being absolutely deathly ill (that plague that's going around) and we have ourselves a swingin' good time. That has been the past... month and a half? two months? I have no concept of time any more.

In two weeks we get windows replaced, and then the siding, and then god knows what else. Eventually, some day, we will be done. Probably shortly before I am finally able to move out.

Yes, I've slacked off here and there and played video games or just farted around the internet. When I actually have time to myself, I've found that I haven't had any energy to actually do anything productive. Not to mention there have been many days where my hands end up dry, cracked and bleeding from work and the weather (and yes, I do my best to moisturize them overnight and use lotion when I can - but considering I have to keep constantly dunking my hand in quat-sanitizer to clean tables and other surfaces, things still get irritated pretty quick).

Pretty much I have managed to stumble upon the worst possible time to get back into webcomics. We started in early December, rolling right into the holidays and going to hell from there. Because my original idea was time-sensitive, every time I look at getting back into the saddle I've been daunted with the issue of playing weeks (then months) of catch-up. When I do get back in the game (SOON), I'm probably going to drop the first few pages and start totally fresh. The storyline I had intended to start with might reappear the same time next year (written and drawn well in advance, damn it).

So! In conclusion... bork.
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