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All painted pieces are on regular ol' posterboard. There are holes punched in the top because they were hanging from the ceiling during the event.

Asking prices are as follows and are negotiable (to a point, anyway... the longer they go without selling, the more negotiable they are, how bout that?):

Numbah One - $45 shipped, $40 local
Numbah Five - $35 shipped, $30 local
Numbah Six - $45 shipped, $40 local
Numbah Seven - $25 shipped, $20 local
Sandwich - best offer. ^^

If I'm shipping outside of the U.S. it might be a little more. We'll torch that bridge when we come to it.

COMMISSIONS: for the first round - make me an offer. The first three people who do so will get whatever they want for whatever price they want--starting at five bucks. I reserve the right to veto anything I feel is artistically out of my league (I do cartoony stuff, guys). Try to be *somewhat* reasonable... if you give me some sort of insanely complex mob scene with no references and the $5 minimum, you will get five bucks' worth of work. So an hour or less. I'll spend more time on $5 pieces if you ask nice, play nice, or if I know you.

Offers for the posters should be posted here. Offers for commissions should be sent to bugalight.art hat gmail dot com. That's bugalight-DOT-art. Remember that. It's important.

ETA: most recent example - this (fanart for Eric Burns' Interviewing Leather) was just under 2 hours, start to finish - more like 1 and a half when you factor in short breaks and having to look up the references myself. It was done completely digitally with a Wacom (just got it, still learning).

The deviantART has some more halfway decent (if somewhat outdated) examples of what I can do.


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