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Okay. On this hand-me-down PC of mine, I have a friggin' TREASURE TROVE of art I forgot I had. What does this mean to you?

Well, after installing this goofy-looking default 'Gallery' thingy on my website, it means here's my first artbook from back in 1997. This's when I was teaching myself to draw by freehand-copying anything I could get my hands on. I swear to God I never traced. Not once.

Why yes, I did free-form roleplay online in my younger days. It was kind of... realtime collaborative storytelling, with people speaking as multiple characters, and... yeah. You get the gist. Seriously nerdy stuff, but it's like the entire reason I can draw at all today.

My other excuse: 14-year-old girl. c'mon.

This actually isn't the most embarrassing stuff. The worst of it is in that awkward era from then until about 2000 where I tried to put together character art by means of a Frankensteinesque assembly off freehand-traced elements from different sources. So. Much. Cringe. But that's for another time, and that time is NEVER. Unless appropriately bribed. (I have student loans. I can be bought.)

If you're looking for more, uhm, competent stuff, I've also been making additions to the DeviantArt.

I'll put up more later (there's still some passable original stuff from the aforementioned little squicky era).


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