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...ten times shoddier than the first. But the idea wouldn't leave me be. Enjoy my terrible Photoshop hack job.

Namir Cat and Deiter Girl?

original ND strip
original Cat and Girl strip

Original artwork is property of their respective creators and I really hope that if they run across this, they find it funny.

Namir Deiter was shoujo before shoujo was cool. Yes, they're animals, but species and animal-ish functions don't really come into play, so I wouldn't call it 'furry' in the usual sense (they don't really draw *attention* to the fact that they're animals). I've been following for ages and ages and ages--it's sortof like a soap opera, I suppose, but it's not outrageous or trashy at all. Just... complicated, but in a pretty grounded way for the most part.

Also: it's cute, dammit.

I dunno about Charles. He always struck me as not really being right for Tipper, but that's me. Either way, I don't see this whole thing going smoothly. Thus, the mashup.

I don't get Cat and Girl half the time, but I don't know whether to blame my youth or my lack of education. But it's so damned bizarre either way--in that subtle, surreal way, not HAY GUYZ THIS IS SO WACKY BANANA CHEESE like the Zimkiddies do--and even when I don't quite get it, I always love it. Think of it like xkcd for the liberal arts set, I guess. Also, Dorothy Gambrell's contribution to the latest Friends of Lulu book (Girls' Guide to Guys' Stuff) might just maybe be my favorite of the bunch.

...I don't really see this as being much more than a very occasional thing, since it's not something forced so much as it's something that occurs to me, which I then render as an image for the consumption of others. I'm not gonna go digging or shoehorning anything. It's just simple fun.


Aug. 12th, 2007 08:43 pm
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A line in the last panel of this triggered an image of the little guy in this.

webcomix mash-up! )


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