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This week is Drawin' Comics Week because BY GOD I need to draw me some comics. Also because I'm too broke for another Craftin' Week this week.

So I have this script I've been tinkering with here and there for a while now. It's gone through a few different phases, but mostly I had a setting and some characters and some gags and I'd been doing my level best to wrap a plot around it. The script has been sitting for a month, first "day" complete, because I have writer's block concerning what will happen next - oh, I have ideas for what will happen down the line, but nothing to connect them.

Yesterday it hit me: why do that? Why force a plot if the plot isn't the point? If it's just there to showcase the setting, the characters, and the gags... why have one at all?

So sometime in the next day or so (I need to get drawing something else first before I lose that momentum) I aim to take a weed-whacker to that script and just hack away all the pointless exposition. Leave it with that disjointed, episodic vibe (like Azumanga Daioh, perhaps). Don't force it.

I may break down and draw it myself as well. I showed the script to a friend of mine but I know he's super-swamped. Also he needs to get to drawing his OWN comics, dangit (though perhaps I will script something else for him).

I'm not against comics with plots, mind you - I have another project that's all about some plot. But that's the point: it's ALL about plot. The plot is not an afterthought. It's not forced.

Er. Anyway. Right. Back to work!


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