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Banged out a coupla pieces today. Might do a devArt update.

SOON I shall have comicy goodness. Like, there's a site already, with comics uploaded and summore queued, but I'm waiting on it to be upgraded to the new WordPress and the new ComicPress so's I can make it look nice and all. That's my plan, y'see.

I've actually been drawing... not *every* day, but almost every day. I got the right motivation, it seems. Even if it's just some idle doodle, the fact that I'm doing *something* really helps, I think.

So yeah, other artists might be all 'dude, draw every day' and you might be all 'tchyeah, whatever' but I am here to tell you 'YES. TOTALLY.'

Nanomango is doing a summer session in June and I'm kinda wondering if I might be a bad enough dude.
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So I was poking around some old backups and I found a little cache of digital pictures I took back in high school (at the Turn of the Century). Randy 'xkcd' Munroe is in a couple of them, but apparently he's the goddamn Sasquatch or something because he's blurred all to hell.

(It's a digital camera from 1999. Everything's blurry.)

(Also there's a slightly better picture, but this one has the lowest my-friends-will-kill-me factor.)
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If this isn't the weirdest freaking thing I hear all week, I'd be amazed.

Out of context, this seems like another curious Hollywood tragedy.

Stephan Miller is the guy who hired my dad to write for the Warpath (Redskins fan publication). So, in essence, my dad's old boss got killed by a bear.

That's.... uhm. yeah.

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Again, like 'John Adams' - a doodly/bloggy thing in reaction to, in this case, Sweeney Todd. One page.

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This is kinda in the vein of the John Adams piece - that stream-of-consciouness "I need to draw so I will draw about random things" bit. It's from the beginning of the month, but I sat on it for a while.

It's under a cut because I'm nice like that.

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- Sweeney Todd (movie soundtrack)
- Pirates of Penzance (opera house, not movie)
- TMBG (Apollo 18)
- Clem Snide, Eef Barzelay (various)
- Ben Folds (various)
- Wicked
- Hairspray (2007 movie)
- Alanis Morisette (Under Rug Swept)

and Party Shuffle that mess.
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I have scavenged the old printer/scanner/copier from my dad's home office (which was getting replaced because it can't print for beans). The scanning function works awesomely, and straight to a memory card even! Best acquisition of the day! It was gonna go to the dump otherwise, so I am hell of saving the environment. GO ME.

The past few days have actually been madly productive, in the grand scheme of things.

Now I'm sketchin' some stuff while watching Kurtz and Krahulik work at the same time. All livecast 'n shit.

(The best part is when Kurtz takes a break and pulls up the site in his own window, so we're watching him watch Gabe, and in *that* tiny window we can see him watching himself watching Gabe, and it's just an intensely recursive experience.)

oh, hey.

Apr. 18th, 2008 10:20 pm
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It would seem I just got linked by [livejournal.com profile] demiurgent for that thing I did, so I guess I should bump my bad hair day whining.

I have things of moderate interest here, here, and here (NWS) and/or here (same NWS, second pass).

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Working off my desktop because the laptop (my primary machine) needed a little rest. It's getting on in years and gets a little cranky sometimes.

For some reason, my tablet didn't install quite right on this machine or something, because the copy of PhotoShop I've got doesn't register pressure sensitivity. Other programs do, though, so I've been messing with them here and there. This was done in SmoothDraw NX, which is nice but lacks a layer function, so I can't do anything too complex in it. Still, not bad for a five-minute job.

Now I have to decide if I'm going through with a haircut. bleh.
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My friend the Schmidtty worked on this! It was shot on Virginia Beach. No special effects - that is an actual couch on the actual beach, with actual Al Sharpton and actual Pat Robertson.

Here, I'll post some pics she took (Schmidtty I hope this is OK).

see, couch:

Oh, and there was some other guy bumming around the set, too. Here he is being a nuisance (on the right):

I heard they finally got him out of the way by letting him hold the cue cards. Gawd, this guy must have nothing better to do. :P

(Schmidtty basically has the coolest job.)
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My mom yelled at me to come down and look because Fox News had a guy at NYCC (New York Comic Con). I guess the Pope's taking a breather.

I only caught the tail end of it, but it seems like it was your usual cosplay lineup and 'who are YOU supposed to be?'. meh.
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This is a test, kinda. I have a little more like it. Basically it started with me saying 'argh blargh I never DRAW any more' and then telling someone I would spend my day watching some of the John Adams HBO miniseries and doodle while I watched and show him the results.

Well, having the house to myself, I started screwing around early and it turned into something that's not entirely about John Adams. The narrative isn't directed specifically at my friend - it's things I would have probably blogged if I could be bothered to go upstairs at the time.

It's very stream-of-consciousness and unrehearsed and whatnot - just putting the ink straight on the paper with few references and no pre-sketches.

I apologize if my handwriting is illegible and will gladly translate/transcribe anything for anyone.


(or: I am Not Kate Beaton)

edit: There are, as one would expect, some (out of context) comments about the series. So, uh. "May contain spoilers for American History." You have been advised.
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This means that my one "maxxin-and-relaxxin house-to-myself" day becomes my "home alone with the dogs and the contractors" day and a veritable carnival of anxieties (me + strangers, even relatively safe ones, don't mix). Also they're coming to tear out our windows and put in new ones at some point, which means hella upheaval of my personal space.

I am drawing, though, which is awesome. I may defy all odds and actually post a PS comic before the week is out. That would be rad.

Aiming for stuff by the end of April, though. Considering I will actually be going out and having a life here and there, I'll hopefully have more material to work with.

In order to build up my MOJO, I'm taking requests for things to draw. Not commissions. Just name, like... I dunno, something... and I'll try to draw it. No complex concepts. I just want prompts.

Last week I did a bizarre kind of stream-of-consciousness sketchbloggy comic-ish thing (I promised a friend I'd doodle my way through John Adams and post the results, but got started early). Once I find a suitable place and format for it, it'll go up. I might do another one tomorrow.
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Jiggled the homepage around, updated the DA link, scootched the PS links to the bottom. Need to throw in a link to the Twitter at some point, but it hurts to grip things right now. Like tablet pens. Spent most of yesterday moving things around. Heavy things. My room is reconfigured and... well, roomier, which is a good thing, but the tradeoff is today I can't do much in the way of drawing (which sucks hardcore, cos I have IDEAS).

The thing about living at home sometimes is that you have pretty much no say in how you want to spend your free time. Especially when there are Projects. I've rearranged this room like twice, scrubbed out and painted my bathroom (which still needs another good scrubbing, doors and trim painted, and almost all the fixtures replaced) and had to sit in various parts of the house penned in with two barking dogs to ensure they don't hurt themselves or destroy whatever room they're penned in while they go CRAZY for 6-8 hours a day while dudes came and replaced huge chunks of floor. Throw in a week or so of being absolutely deathly ill (that plague that's going around) and we have ourselves a swingin' good time. That has been the past... month and a half? two months? I have no concept of time any more.

In two weeks we get windows replaced, and then the siding, and then god knows what else. Eventually, some day, we will be done. Probably shortly before I am finally able to move out.

Yes, I've slacked off here and there and played video games or just farted around the internet. When I actually have time to myself, I've found that I haven't had any energy to actually do anything productive. Not to mention there have been many days where my hands end up dry, cracked and bleeding from work and the weather (and yes, I do my best to moisturize them overnight and use lotion when I can - but considering I have to keep constantly dunking my hand in quat-sanitizer to clean tables and other surfaces, things still get irritated pretty quick).

Pretty much I have managed to stumble upon the worst possible time to get back into webcomics. We started in early December, rolling right into the holidays and going to hell from there. Because my original idea was time-sensitive, every time I look at getting back into the saddle I've been daunted with the issue of playing weeks (then months) of catch-up. When I do get back in the game (SOON), I'm probably going to drop the first few pages and start totally fresh. The storyline I had intended to start with might reappear the same time next year (written and drawn well in advance, damn it).

So! In conclusion... bork.
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Oh hi, guys.

I haven't drawn any new comics yet because I have some combination of sick and tired forever and a day. Honestly I'm not putting too much pressure on myself at present because, uh, no one reads it yet. This is a terribly lazy way of thinking. But there you have it.

In the meantime I've been playing vidjagames (Samurai Legend Musashi and OnTaMaRaMa) and doodling silly things.

I don't know if you all are hep to Anders Loves Maria (most likely NSFW), but there's been a trend of late where people have been drawing alternate pairings ("Anders Loves Mario", "Anders Loves Oreos" and more in the comments). Thus:

Anders Loves Marinas
Sanders Loves Maria
Flanders Loves Maria
Andross Loves Maria

These were all done in... god, maybe 5 or 10 minutes apiece. It's that whole "draw it before someone else thinks of it" rush. The thread I originally posted these in was moving pretty quickly.

so! New comics soon. For varying values of 'soon'. I have oodles written. S'just a matter of getting from A to B.
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That one little screwball comic I posted has gotten almost 50 views, 3 faves, and one comment in the past hour. WHAT.
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Dear internet: not dead.

New pages are coming relatively soon - I'd say by the end of next week at the absolute latest. I've been fiddling around with all sorts of things of late, but my attentions are still not ripped completely away from Pressure Sensitive and related things.

We've been having a lot of work done on the house - like 'tear up the floors' work - so that's been a big distraction (not to mention Adventures in Pet Ownership). And in the meantime I've been possessed by an undertaking that's been requiring quite a bit of research and study and note-taking and whatnot.

But I haven't forgotten my comics! They are still hella important to me. But I'm still in that kinda-shaky starting-out-place. The finding-my-groove place. Once I figure out what I'm really doing, things'll get better. Really.
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Three weeks of MADNESS. One week of LETHARGY.

Oh, 2007, we hardly knew ye.

New pages will be up by the end of the day Tuesday. And randomly thereafter. And I've already started to go back and tweak the first three pages. I'd imagine the comic won't be ready for its first big publicity push til next month (maybe I'll finagle my way up to Katsucon for a day, even).

I've been reading a wide range of things, webcomic-wise, and seeing a wide range of things in passing, and I'm pinballing violently between states of "I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH" and "at least I'm not *that* bad."

aaaagh I have to CLEAN today.


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